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Private Lessons



Private lessons are designed to  recognize and develop the unique, individuality, and natural talent of  each student to accomplish success on and off the golf course. 

During  private sessions, your child will learn the fundamentals of putting,  chipping, pitching, and full swings including shots from sand bunker, up  hill and down hill swing lies.  After determining that your child  demonstrates consistency performing the fundamentals, only then will  parents be invited to introduce their child to playing a 9-hole  course.  After assessing their performance on the course, a  determination will then be made for inviting parents for on-course  caddy-training sessions.  This training consists of rules, etiquette,  and motivating your junior golfer to continue having fun while in  practice and on the golf course. Upon completion of the caddy-training  and evaluation, your child will sign up for a local golf tournament in  his or her age group, where the world of competitive golfing opens  up.  I will caddy for all my students' first tournament.

    $90 per hour

   $510 for 6 hours

Junior Academy

Private lessons are designed to recognize and develop the unique, individuality, and natural talent


Group  classes are kept to a maximum of 5—6 students per session and lasts for  1.5 hours.  The class is designed to introduce interested golfers to  the sport of golf in a safe and fun environment.  During the group  sessions, each group will also be introduced to the fundamentals of  putting, chipping, pitching, and full swings along with the challenges  of sand bunkers and uphill/downhill lies. Additionally, students will  learn the rules of golf, as well as be able to demonstrate knowledge and  application of the rules in a class scenario. Together, we will  transform your physical and mental approach to the game.

$150 monthly