There are no short cuts to achievement!

 Preparation is Everything! 

Competing in sports at a world class level from a young age has taught Coach Wes that the key to success is preparation.  A kid with less talent that  prepares 120% will always be victorious over the most talented kid that does not prepare 100%!

The dedication and commitment that Coach Wes has toward making all the students he teaches successful in the world of junior golf is priceless.  He has the gift to recognize the unique, individuality and natural talent of each junior golfer.  He will then design a step-by-step  process, individually tailored to accomplish success on and off the golf course, and will have your child competing at a competitive level.  A junior golfer developing  and having strong self-image and a belief in  oneself makes anything possible to achieve.  His coaching style caters to this philosophy.  Together, he will transform your child's  physical and mental approach and the love for his golf game.